Scientists Warn – PlayStation Makes Your Hands Go Crazy

PlayStation Makes Your Hands Go Crazy

Swiss scientists have made a startling discovery – if you play a lot of PlayStation, you may get some callouses on the skin of your hands. Yup, you heard it here first. Well, actually, you heard it first in a new report from the British Journal of Dermatology. No, wait, you actually heard it first back in the ’90s, the first time you ever stayed up all night working the controller. (You know what we mean.)

The Swiss based their report on the case of just one 12 year old girl who developed “lumpy” hands after playing PS3 for hours a day (apparently, she’s the only kid they’ve ever met). Now, they’ve made it official, naming a new condition (we swear) PlayStation palmar hidradentitis.

But fear not, world – these brilliant minds have already discovered a cure. “If you’re worried about soreness on your hands when playing a games console,” a spokewoman told Reuters, “it might be sensible to give your hands a break from time to time.” Score another win for science.

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